Tyska viner & det nordiska köket

German Wines and Nordic Cuisine - Food and Wine Pairings

Finland – Wine Recommendation: Young and fresh Mosel or Nahe Riesling. Dry or slightly off dry. read more

Norway – Wine Recommendation: 2-3 year old Rheinhessen or Nahe Weissburgunder. Full bodied, rich and complex. With refreshing acidity and pronounced minerality. read more

Iceland – Wine Recommendation: A young crisp Mosel Riesling. Lean to medium bodied with little residual sugar, fresh acidity and pure minerality. read more

Sweden – Wine Recommendation: 2-3 year old Baden or Pfalz Spätburgunder. read more

Denmark – Wine Recommendation: 3-4 year old German Pinot Noir with fruity and spicy aromas, good structure and minerality. Perferably from a more northerly wine region like Ahr or Moselread more