Are you a wine producer and curious about how the Swedish market works? Then you have come to the right place. Here you get more information that you as a producer need to keep track of regarding the Swedish market.

Discover the Swedish market

Are you curious about the Swedish market and what does sales look like in different segments?
Here you can take part in a presentation about the Swedish wine market and Swedish market report for 2023. We go through everything from consumption, to wine trends and how your wine reaches the Swedish consumer. Click on the image (left) to read the presentation in its entirety. To watch the presentation click on the image on the right. 

Swedish market Report 2023

Guide to the Swedish market

The Swedish market for wine is highly dependent on the state owned monopoly Systembolaget – the only retail store allowed to sell alcoholic beverages to consumers. Click on the article to read a summary of the key points worth keeping in mind and for further information.

Systembolaget's Launch Plans Germany

In order to offer our customers security and sustainability, we continuosly seek to develop our product range. A wide choice of product as well as products newsworthy is important.  See the launch plan for Germany 2024 here.