Roast Veal with radishes, cucumber, brussels blooms, dill and horse radish

WINE RECOMMENDATION: 3-4 year old German Pinot Noir with fruity and spicy aromas, good structure and minerality. Perferably from a more northerly wine region like Ahr or Mosel.


0,8 kg roast veal

(for instance fillet)

sirloin, culotte

20 small radishes

1 cucumber

20 brussels sprouts

1 bouquet of fresh dill

1 piece of horse radish

3 dl of veal stock

150 g of butter

5 tsp of neutral vinegar

salt and pepper

olive oil for roasting



The roast veal is trimmed for tendons, and is then turned over in oil, salt and pepper. Brown the meat in a hot pan, and roast it in the oven at 150 °C for 20 minutes and let it rest for 10 minutes.

During this time the brussels sprouts are split into leaves and little “roses”. The radishes are then washed and trimmed, but leaving a little leaf showing. Wash the cucumber, and make little round scoops or balls with a noisette scoop (or cut them into little cubes).

Peel the horse radish and chop the dill crudely, but save a little dill for decoration. The veal stock is reduced (boiled down) to about 50 %. Mount the reduced stock with 100 grams of butter. Blend the remaining cucumber into juice, and strain. Add the radishes to the stock and let simmer for 1 minute. Turn in the leaves of brussels sprouts, cucumber and chopped dill. Adjust the taste with vinegar, cucumber juice and lots of grated horse radish.

Cut the meat into 4 equal pieces, and put them on a plate. Pour over the sauce in a decorative fashion, and then decorate further with fresh dill. Serve with roasted potatoes.