Germany, world's largest consumer market for sparkling wine


"Germans have a lot of Sekt", state Dr. Jamie Goode and Treve Ring in their latest topical online publication: "Sekt, of course, is the German term for sparkling wine, and last year (2015) Germans enjoyed more than 305 million litres of it."

"But their taste for fizz is not just limited to their own production: Germany is the world's largest consumer market for sparkling wine. Of the roughly two billion bottles of sparkling wine annually produced worldwide, approximately one quarter of them are consumed in Germany, with only 80% of this demand satisfied by domestic products. That’s nearly 5 bottles of bubbles for every German adult, and child.

The large Sekt-producing companies (Sektkellereien) purchase bulk grapes or base wine on a large scale for producing their sparkling wines, whereas Winzersekt is produced individually by vintners. If you want something authentically German, then you need to look for Deutscher Sekt on the label, which indicates it’s made from German-sourced grapes only, and Deutscher Sekt b.A (bestimmter Anbaugebiete, akin to Qualitätswein b.A.) means it is only from grapes from one of Germany’s 13 quality wine regions.


Winzersekt producers are passionate and collaborative, the wines, while low in quantity are high in quality, and the sparkling wine market is stronger than ever. The wines, especially the Rieslingsekt, are inherently German, and speak of place."

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Germans love Sekt and note growing global interest for their sparkling wines. source:, Jamie Goode and Treve Ring