Germany's 2016 vintage: A detailed report from all regions


After a terrific ending to a very labour-intensive and turbulent season, German producers are very satisfied with the quality of the crop. Find The German Wine Institute's (DWI) detailed report below (pdf). Fully ripe and very healthy grapes could be harvested across the country thanks to the perfect late summer weather.

Wine lovers can look forward to a vintage 2016 of very aromatic, elegant white wines with a harmonious interplay of fruit and acidity and intensely-coloured, velvety reds. full report, pdf-download

In some regions the vintage was even crowned by a successful ice wine harvest. The expected harvest volume of 9 million hectolitres nationwide (latest estimate) is also very satisfactory overall. At this level it would be exactly on a par with the ten-year average and two per cent above the preceding year´s figure.

However, yields fluctuated widely between individual estates and regions, depending on the extent to which vineyards were affected by the erratic weather conditions. This is also shown in the following overview of the vintage development in Germany´s 13 wine regions.

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Weine aus Steillagen, wie hier an der Mosel, werden bei dem Wettbewerb „Mondial des Vins Extremes“ alljährlich prämiert. Steillagenwinzer von der Mosel und vom Mittelrhein erreichten die meisten Goldmedaillen für Deutschland.

Anbaugebiet Mosel

Weinberge bei Fellbach, Anbaugebiet Württemberg