Wines of Germany for Christmas - "top of tree samples"


"Germany is producing truly fine dry wines that tend to be much better partners for food than many white burgundy", says MW Jancis Robinson in her latest Financial Times wine cronique shortly before Christmas. She provides wine lovers worldwide with examples at the top of the tree and states that demand for those German wines has boosted.

However, Robinson sees many "alternatives that are much better value" (see also importer's database).

The reknowned wine journalist cites "best producers" of her choice in the Nahe region like Dönnhoff, Emrich Schönleber, Schäfer-Fröhlich and, nowadays, Schlossgut Diel. These producers "can provide just the right blend of fully ripe Riesling fruit with mouthwatering freshness", the Master of Wine (MW) continues to explain. Cool climate (wine) zone "Germany" profits of global warming.

"I was very taken by Schäfer-Fröhlich, Bockenauer Schiefergestein Riesling trocken 2015, effectively the little brother of the 'Grosse Gewächs' (GG) from their celebrated Felseneck vineyard", says Jancis Robinson. This wine is currently retailing in Germany for well under 20 EUR and in the US for less then 40 dollars. Robinson's guess is that it will continue to provide ever more intriguing drinking until the end of the next decade at least. She concludes her by stating that 2015 was a great vintage in Germany. Exemplary the Master of Wine hints at producers in the dynamic Rheinhessen region such as Battenfeld-Spanier, Dreissigacker, Kühling-Gillot, Wagner-Stempel and Stefan Winter that are in the wake of such luminaries as Keller and Wittmann and can also offer great value.

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source: Screenshot of Financial Time ( Wine Cronique by Jancis Robinson